Vaping on a budget: Is it possible?

Most people that start vaping do it to quit smoking, which in turn will save you money. One thing people don’t think about is the long term. Piggy Bank Savings Female Half FilledThere are quite a few vape “pens” out there, but unfortunately, very few of them are actually quality product that actually have a good chance of saving you money. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what i’m talking about here.

Quality vs. quantity

Everyone likes to save money, but not everyone likes to invest in something that is high quality to do it. Lets just say you’re a pack a day smoker. in some states, a pack of cigarettes a day will cost you on average about $8.50. multiply that by 365 days in a year, we get about $3,102.05, give or take. Sounds like quite the chunk of change, doesn’t it? That’s because it is!

Now let’s look at those cheap vape pens. a starter kit usually costs about $40, and will include 1-2 batteries, 1-2 atomizers, some replacement coils, and a charger. With these really cheap setups, 40 dollars sounds like a really good price… If it lasted you more than a month. Unfortunately, most don’t. From what I have experienced talking to countless customers at multiple vape shops in my area, the batteries for these kits last about a month, the atomizers last about 3 weeks, as do the coils, and they will go through about 15 ml of e-juice every 2 weeks. Lets add that up, substituting in average prices, for a year, $655.00. That’s already 5X CHEAPER!

But lets say you prefer investing. the eLeaf iStick Battery runs you about $60, and the Aspire Nautilus Mini tank is usually about $45. that’s $105 dollars total. Sounds pricey, right? well here’s something you may not know, the iStick uses a charger that is IDENTICAL to your average android phone charger! and you really only replace those maybe once every couple years, right? so remove that expense. the Nautilus Mini tank is made of much higher quality materials than the cheap atomizers, so it can easily last an entire year. Another expense gone. now assuming everything else is kept the same, the grand total is:

$462.00 per year!

so which price would you rather pay? :)

Leave a comment below if you have any questions, or if yo have your own opinions, and I will do my best to reply. Thanks!